17 March 2006

Smell the Flowers


It won't be long before a number of plants start sprouting
up in the forest, as they begin another cycle of life. Here in
Nova Scotia, it'll happen during April, which is why I enjoy
hiking in the forest at that time of year.

The mayflower, which is the provincial flower of the province,
appears in April. It has an exquisite perfume. I believe the
perfume is relaxing and soothing to the nerves. The blossom
is quite beautiful and ranges from white to a rather deep pink.

Another plant I love to see breaking through the ground, is
the wild sarsaparilla (Aralia nudicaulis). This was used as both
a medicinal and food plant by some aboriginal people, including
the Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia. They chewed the rhizomes for
this purpose.

All the best!