12 March 2006

I love this time of the month! The moon is waxing and will be
full on Tuesday, March 14th. It's always nice to go walking
on moonlit nights. Last evening was a mild, +5 celsius, here
on the south shore of Nova Scotia. The moon was bright and,
this, along with the mild weather, made walking a delightful

I'm looking forward to Tuesday, because I plan to mail out the
first issue of my newsletter, Natural Healing Talk. I've written
a rather light-hearted article on spring tonics, and on the value of
dandelions as a general tonic medicine. As well, I've included a
short item on ethnobotany -- this will likely be a monthly feature,
giving information on the use of plants and trees as medicines, by
the Native peoples of North America.

Until next time, my best regards,

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