02 March 2008

Snowshoe and Fox Prints, Fire and Ice on Minamkeak Lake


Last evening, as the sun neared the horizon,
I walked the icey shoreline of Minamkeak Lake.
I saw the prints of snowshoe tracks frozen in
the ice. I also saw fox tracks there on the lake.

The fox had travelled towards a cove, perhaps
a week earlier. Those tracks were also frozen,
with small knobs of ice protruding above the
smooth, flat surface of Minamkeak.

I built a fire on the ice, with dry sticks of wood
that I found nearby. Then, I fried a few strips
of bacon for old time's sake. The bacon
sandwich tasted delicious along with a cup of
tea from black spruce twigs.

I plan to go there on the evening of March 4th,
to celebrate my birthday. Again, I'll build a small
fire, have a cup of tea, and watch the sunset.
Now, that's a good birthday present! :)

All the best,