26 February 2008

The Orange Lunar Eclipse


The recent eclipse of the moon was a rich and
fascinating experience. It was interesting to watch
the earth's shadow move slowly over the face of
the moon.

At first, the orange effect wasn't obvious. Later,
as the eclipse approached fullness, the moon
turned a warm, soft orange. Beautiful! A transparent
orange, in that the moonscape was easily visible
through it.

At full eclipse, I enjoyed the view of both Mars and
Venus. Especially Mars, in that it flickered through
the cold winter atmosphere like a tiny pin-like
Christmas light.

I enjoyed this latest eclipse more than any other
Lunar eclipse I have experienced.

All the best!

p.s. I'll return soon.


NathanKP said...

Too bad, I could have seen the lunar eclipse, but it was cloudy that night.

NathanKp - The Ink Weaver Collection - Writing Showcase Blog

Laurie said...


Sorry that you had cloudy weather -it was certainly a terrific eclipse!

Bye now,