31 March 2008

The Early Spring is Like A Winter Wonderland!

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's pretty magical around my place. We've
had a late winter/early spring snowstorm. :)

As the snow accumulated, I felt like I was living
in a fairy tale. So, I grabbed my camera and went
walking. The large, wet snowflakes, quickly covered
the trees and buildings, and other objects in the

I noticed small birds snuggled in my cedar bushes.
They were cozy and warm as the bushes were smothered
in a blanket of snow.

Enjoy the photos!

All the best,

A Scene Looking Across My Field.

My Home In A Fairy Tale Setting.

Walking The Old Mines Road On A Snowy

A Magical Swamp Covered In Snow.

A Second Picture Of The Magical Swamp.


Kloggers said...

Beautiful pictures!

Laurie said...


Thanks! Much appreciated.

Yes, it was a beautiful scene -- like a fairy tale world!

Best regards,