10 March 2008

Romancing the Rain

HI Everyone,

You, know, I find rainy nights enjoyable, partly
because I live in the country, close to the elements,
and can easily hear the rain against my roof, and
the wind blowing through the forest and over the
field near my home.

There are two things I enjoy most about a rainy
night -- first, to sit in the porch with a cup of tea,
listening to rain and wind, against roof, skylight,
and windows. The other thing I enjoy about a
rainy night, is to lie in bed and fall asleep, as the
rain hits against my roof and windows. This is a
wonderful way to float off into dreamland and a
peaceful night's sleep.

When I sit in my porch, I enjoy sipping my tea and
romancing the rain. I enjoy the relaxed state and
become as one with the rain, on an emotional,
subjective level. As I recall, I mentioned this idea
of "romancing the rain," in a post I made at some
point last year. I'm afraid I haven't made an attempt
to find it in the blog's "archives," so the reference
to that post will have to wait for another day.

In any event, try it some time. Sit and relax, where
you can hear the rain, and try to become absorbed
in the sounds it makes, and, too, in the wind that
often accompanies the rain. In this way, it's possible
to experience a closeness to nature and the
environment, that might otherwise escape you.

Good medicine always!
Laurie :)