05 November 2006

The Moonlight's Almost Like Daylight, Tonight!


Well, I stepped outside my door at about 1 o'clock
tonight, and almost stepped on a porcupine! He
was sitting near the doorstep munching on some
frosty grass. The little fella quickly scurried away
and sat on the cellar entrance to my home, watching
as I walked down the driveway.

The moon is very bright tonight and almost like
the daylight. I feel like writing a short story about a
world where people function in moonlight much the
same way as we function in sunlight. A story about
a world where there is just moonlight and/or total

I imagine the story would be quite interesting, although
I don't have a clue at this point about plot, theme,
characters, or, much about the setting, for that matter.
Just a thought, really.

Well, I must go now, and get some rest. I was up until
4:45 on Friday night, trying to bring my Wild World
of Plants site back online. I changed hosting for the
site, and now have it hosted by HostGator, on a "Baby
Gator" account:)) However, in the process, I mis-placed
some files, and messed up some directories, to the
point where I was getting 404 pages and other problems,
including images not loading. Now, things are pretty
much back to normal, although my newsletter subscribe
boxes are not working:( Tomorrow, I'm going to have
to place new forms/boxes on the site.

All the best,