11 November 2006

Sounds in the Night . . . .


Well, I had an interesting walk this evening. And,
I must admit, things got a bit tense for several

You see, I was walking along the old mines road,
when I heard rustling sounds in the bushes off to
my left and about fifteen yards ahead of me.

I stopped. Waited. Listened intently for the sounds
to occur again. Sure enough, I heard a small branch
break in an area where there are a number of dry,
fallen spruce trees.

I crept forward, until I figured I was in a good position,
and cast my light in amongst the bushes and trees
(I usually carry a small flashlight with me when I
walk at night.). I couldn't see anything, although,
for am instance, I though I saw eyes flashing in the

I wish I could report that I solved this little mystery.
I waited. Listened. But everything was quiet, except
for a slight breeze that was cool and refreshing.

I continued my walk, and arrived back home about
forty minutes later. I walked slowly past that place
on my return, but, again, heard nothing.

Well, it's now approaching the midnight hour, so I
must post this note and make myself a cup of tea.

Bye now,