25 November 2006

A Short Story Note

Hi Everyone,

It's a beautiful morning here on the shore
shore of Nova Scotia. There was a heavy
frost last night, and, now, as I gaze out my
window, the sunshine is having a beautiful
sparkling effect on top of that frost! The
temperature is just slightly above freezing
at this point, and should climb a bit as the
morning passes.

Recently, I compiled a short story collection,
called, Old Ponies and Medicine Tales. While
the collection still needs some editing, I've
decided to post a story on my blog. It'll begin
with my next post, and continue for several

I haven't quite decided which story to post on
the blog, but am leaning toward the one entitled,
"The Flight of Jim Charles". It's my re-write of
a story by Albert Bigelow Paine, published in
1906, and set in Nova Scotia.

I'll begin next time with a brief introduction to
Jim Charles, and Part I of the story.

All the best!