19 November 2006

Meteorite Shower


I went outside at about 12:45 tonight to view
the meteorite shower. Unfortunately, it was
partly overcast, although I doubt whether it
would have been much of a show, anyhow.

In fact, I didn't spot a single meteorite:(

Potentially, it was supposed to be quite a
show for parts of the New England States. I'm
curious to know whether this was the case. I
was hoping that Nova Scotia would get part of
the show:) However, if my experience was any
indication, I would say it was a flop.

I can understand that it must be very dificult
to predict the intensity of a meteorite shower
ahead of time.

Oh well, I did have a visit from a porcupine,
while I was watching for meteorites. I heard
a noise and noticed it crawling behind my oil
drum. It's a young porcupine and has been in
the area for the past couple of months. Indeed,
it's the same critter I almost stepped on a
few weeks back, as I was leaving the house to
take a night time walk.

Well, I must go for now. My best regards to