04 June 2008

The Potato Garden

I checked my garden yesterday morning to discover that
almost an entire row of potatoes had popped up through
the soil overnight! I'm excited, partly because this is the
first time I've planted potatoes in a number of years. The
other reason I'm excited, is that the potatoes I planted are
an old variety that's been a personal favourite of mine
since childhood.

This old variety is called, "Green Mountain," and they are
an excellent, dry, baking potato.

Some varieties of potatoes will rot easier than others.
Unfortunately, the Green Mountain potato is prone to rot,
if they are planted in wet soil (Soil that tends to retain its
moisture for long periods.).

I also enjoy red and blue/black potatoes. I'm speaking of
the outer layer of the potato -- the part that's generally
peeled. Here on the south shore of Nova Scotia, those
varieties were called "fish potatoes," because they are
dry potatoes that go well with a fish dish. They were the
potatoes of choice in such traditional meals as "Salt
Herring and potatoes," or with fresh fried mackerel.

Yummy, indeed!

All the best,


EDWARD said...

FYI: I have put a link to this post at http://halifax.infomonkey.net

Laurie said...


Thanks for the link to halifax.infomonkey!

I plan to register my blog in the "Nova Scotia Bloggers" section -- I've already given a link in return.

Bye now,

judlee said...

I would love to have you share some of your expertise on my potato website. I have a submission form for people to share about their potato gardens here:




Laurie said...

Hi Judlee,

Thanks for posting on my blog!

Also, thanks for the invite to share some potato comments on your website.
I'll certainly do so, although I might not get around to it for another week. . . we'll see how things go.

Thanks again.

All the best,