23 May 2008

Romancing the Rain in Nova Scotia


We're having some rain here on the south shore of
Nova Scotia. As I've said on several occasions in the
past, I enjoy the rain at night. In fact, right after I make
this post, I intend to make myself a cup of tea and sit
in my porch to romance the rain. :)

Oh yes, I'll relax and listen to it hitting against the roof
and windows of the porch. There isn't any wind at the
moment, so it'll be just me and the rain. Mind you, I
don't mind when the wind joins us. In fact, there are
times when I like to hear it blowing the rain against
the window panes.

Anyhow, for those of you who haven't been to Nova
Scotia, you really should plan a visit. It's a beautiful
province with lots of beaches contrasting with rocky
ocean shoreline. Also, the pace is slower than in
many other areas of North America, and that's the
way we like it.

If you have any questions about the province, just
leave me a comment. I'll answer them, if I can.

All the best!