25 June 2008

Last Week I Created A Fire-Pit


Well, I'm pleased to say that I now have a fire-pit on my
property. You see, last week I went to work and mowed
a large circular area of grass, removing the sod and
digging a shallow pit in the centre of the mowed-over

When I finished that task, I jumped in my little Toyota
and headed off in search of rocks. Within a short while
I had returned with enough rocks to build a neat wall
around the fire-pit. Job well done!

I now have an excellent fire-pit, and one that I can use
when I feel like preparing an outdoor meal, or simply
feel like enjoying a camp fire -- also, it'll be great when
I have visitors or give weekend workshops.

Soon, I plan to place rocks along the perimeter of the
mowed-over circle, and place larger rocks at each of
the four compass or primary direction points. I may even
paint a circle on each rock with the colour that correlates
or corresponds with each primary direction.

All the best to you and yours!


Jessica said...

Good feature! Check out this one for Outdoor Firepit .