17 June 2008

Walking in the Moonlight, Again...

Hi Everyone,

I just returned from a splendid late evening walk along
the old Mines Road. The temperature is perfect for
walking, while the Summer Solstice Moon to the south,
is still fairly high above the treeline.

I heard a lot of activity tonight. At one point, there was
a bird chirping off to my right, in the bushes. Unfortunately,
I wasn't able to identify its call, as birding isn't one of my
strong points. Then, later, aside from the usual peepers
in the ponds and ditches, I also heard the movement of
bushes and the breaking of twigs, but a short distance
from the road.

I stood listening, thinking it was probably a small animal,
and likely a porcupine. However, I suddenly heard the
snap of what sounded like a fairly large stick, so now
I'm thinking it might have been a bear or even a deer.
In any case, I decided to be merrily on my way! :)

So, that's it for tonight -- I'm now back home and about
to make myself a tea, before retiring for the night. I'm
hoping to be in bed a bit earlier than last night, when
I hit the sack at 4:30 A.M.

Best wishes!