04 May 2008

This Evening I Went Walking at Dusk

Well, you know, I love walking in the moonlight,
but I think I'm developing a new habit of walking
at dusk. This is an interesting time to be out and
about the countryside. I mean, this evening, when
I left the house at dusk, I could hear the robins
chirping on the field and in the trees, the songs
of other birds, and the singing of peepers in the
pond, nearby.

Oh yes, I had a wonderful walk!

In shamanic terms, "dusk" is the crack between
worlds. This is a time when it's possible to step
through the crack separating realms or worlds. I
always like to think about such things when I'm
walking at dusk.

However, returning to mundane things, the black
flies will soon be making their appearance, and
dusk is when they, too, like to be out and about!
So, I may have to resort to some kind of oil, to
keep them at bay. When you walk late at night,
you don't have to contend with them.

In any event, it's 1:25 at night, so I must post this
message, and then make myself a cup of tea before
retiring to bed.

All the best!


Lauren said...

Nice blog... I love your Nova Scotia pictures... does look like a fairy land, like Narnia!
Keep writing, and check out my blog, too!