07 December 2006

The Flight of Jim Charles -- Part 3

Hi Everyone,

Now, to continue with our story, let's
go to Part 3.

Returning to the camp site, I found the fish
prepared, and the tea steeping in a pot on the
coals of the fire. We ate a hearty supper,
then lit our pipes, and enjoyed a quiet spell,
while listening to the water lap the shore.

"Louis," I said, "who built that old road going
up the hill to that beautiful field?"

"Jim Charles," he answered, giving me a slight

"Oh, of course," I replied. "That's why this is
called Jim Charles Point."

"That's right," he said, as he broke a twig
between his fingers.

"Will you tell me about Jim Charles?" I asked.

Louis nodded. "Very well. But, there are many
stories about Jim Charles. He was a well known
man in these parts."

Louis puffed on his pipe stem, while I considered
my next words. "C'mon then, let's walk up to the
field. I want to hear the story, while we sit up
there on the grass."

Arriving at the clearing, we walked out into the
field, and took our seats in full view of the
blue grass, and near the rose bushes. We filled
our pipes and prepared for the story. Louis
considered his words, carefully, before commencing
the tale.

"Jim and his wife built a fine house on this
field, and Jim pretty much felt like he had the
best place in the whole world. You see, he had
this gold mine, and whenever he needed money, he
went to this mine and got a chunk of gold. He
would sell off the gold, and buy whatever he

"Why, he had himself a team of horses, and the
best buggy that money could buy! He built the road
all the way down through the woods to the white
man's road. Then, Jim and his wife could drive to
Annapolis, Milford, or wherever the white man's
road would take them.

"Well, bine bye Jim started drinking pretty heavy.
He'd go into town and stay late. The white men all
tried to get Jim drunk so he'd say where the gold
was located. But, Jim was smart -- too smart for
them. He'd drink all the liquor while keeping his
mouth shut about the mine.

"Then one evening he had an argument with his wife.
She didn't want him to go drinking in town. Well,
he left and when he got to that saloon, someone
asked him about the gold mine. Jim says, 'That's
none of your business!' Well, the man hit Jim.
Now, that was a big mistake. Pretty soon that man
was dead!

to be continued . . . .