20 August 2006

A Strange Experience

I've often posted comments about the old mines
road, and the impressions I have while taking my
evening or late night walks. But, I've never mentioned
that this old road has a history of haunting events
and strange experiences.

I remember the night Willie visited my parents, and
described what happened while walking home on his
previous visit. Willie, by the way, was a neighbour
who lived close to a mile from our place. At the time,
I was about twelve years old.

He had just sat down on a chair, and started to sip
his cup of tea, when he told us this story.

He related how it was partly moonlight that night,
when he left our place. As he walked along the road,
he noticed a dark figure approaching, and thought it
was unusual that this person kept far over towards
the opposite side of the road, and close against the

Willie kept walking along at an even pace, but the
figure was walking quite slow. When they met, the
figure kept far to its side of the road, and against the
bushes as it slowly moved past Willie. It was tall and
very dark.

You can imagine how Willie must have glanced back,
as he continued home. He must have been cautious
and afraid of being followed.

Yes, a lot of strange things have happened along
the old mines road. I hope you've enjoyed this short
account of one of those happenings.

Have a good sleep tonight:)