13 August 2006


I went for a moonlight walk last night. I left at 1:30 a.m., when
the moon was fairly high in the sky, and giving its light to the
old mines road. It was a beautiful night.

In fact, I can't quite find the words to describe the beauty of
such late night outings. I mentioned this in a couple of earlier
posts, several months ago. The world is different in moonlight,
and offers us a glimpse into alternate realities. It is also excellent
medicine for stress related conditions. I figure each walk is
the equivalent to a week's worth of psychiatric counselling:))

I believe my location adds to the power of these late night
walks. You see, when I walk on the old gravel mines road, it's
easy to imagine one has suddenly travelled back in time to the
life of eighty or a hundred years earlier. Indeed, that one has
travelled back one hundred and sixty years, to when Thoreau
was at Walden Pond, or when Whitman was writing Leaves of

In any event, at one point I heard the call from a loon out on
the lake – such a solitary call at that time in the night. Then,
later, as I stopped to enjoy the moonlight over an old apple
orchard, I heard the hoot from an owl, somewhere back in
Teal's Bog, less than a mile from where I stood.

Tomorrow, is the beginning of another week. I have lots to
do, including a newsletter to prepare for Wednesday, and a
special report to prepare for release on my websites. It'll be a
free report on “How to Control Stress the Natural Way,” and
will include nature-based exercises for that purpose. I'm
excited about it, but a little over-whelmed by the work of
preparing and formating the report. It takes a lot of energy
and focus.

All the best to everyone!