09 August 2006

Moonlight Thoughts on a Country Road


As I walked along the old country road tonight,
enjoying the moonlight, and noting things around
me like the shadows from the trees that line
both sides of the road, I started thinking about
philosophy and spirituality; especially New
England transcendentalism.

Having been born and raised in Nova Scotia,
I've always felt a closeness to the New England
States. I don't know how many people in other
parts of Canada and the United States, realize
the close connections between Nova Scotia
and New England.

I won't go into the historical reasons for this
connection, as that would entail a lengthy
explanation. Suffice it to say that there is a
history of deep family ties between the regions.

Perhaps this is why I've often found myself more
influenced by New England writers and philosophers,
than by their Canadian counterparts. For instance,
I've felt a fascination and deep connection to New
England transcendentalist philosophy, for as far
back as high school.

So, tonight, as I walked the moonlit road, I could
imagine Walt Whitman, Henry Thoreau, or Ralph
Waldo Emerson, walking along with me. I fancied
I was Whitman, with his long beard, strolling along
the road, contemplating the next portion of his
masterpiece, Leaves of Grass.

Oh yes, I'm a romantic, and have been from way
back:) But, hey, that's part of the beauty of life. It
lends itself to beauty, romance, and passion.
Without those things, life would be drab, indeed!

All the best,