30 November 2008

Strategies for A Healing Journey

To some extent, we are all on a healing journey. While
some of us have healing paths that are quite similar,
others journey a unique path. This healing journey is
part of the earth walk that each of us are fashioning at
this point in time.

In this article, I will give some suggestions on strategies
you can implement, to guide your personal healing

First of all, let's consider desperation and despair. To
some extent, we've all felt those emotions in our lives.
They aren't pretty! Yet, they can be the final straw that
moves us to begin our healing journey. In other words,
in hitting bottom, we are thrown deep inside ourselves,
where we come face to face with the core of our being.
If we listen to this core part of ourselves, this spirit or
spark, it can be the special seed from which hope
rises, and then somehow we will find a way to move
forward again.

So, "hope" can play a major role in our healing efforts.
In fact, research suggests that hope and expectation
stimulate the immune system functioning, and can
protect us from illness. Hope can act like a powerful
placebo response. It gives us a glimmer of light, and
a way forward from the darkness of our dis-ease.

Another important factor is self-awareness, and with it
the knowledge and power to know where we are going
on our healing journey. You see, most of us spend our
lives in a form of psychological sleep, steeped in
habitual behaviour and thought patterns. We seek the
solutions that consumer society generally offers, and
many of those solutions are made for the masses -- a
one size fits all mentality.

Waking up into self-awareness, we see that we are
unique, and that we must find and walk our own healing
path. This is the first stage of empowerment, and the
beginning of the removal of dis-ease. Take the time
now to analyse how you are thinking, what you are
feeling, and consider what you can do about it. This
is a way to break free from habit, into greater self-
awareness, and the discovery of your healing path.

Good medicine always,

Note: This article was taken from the 15 November 2008
issue of the Natural Healing Talk newsletter.