06 November 2008

Canada in The Great War: Passchendaele, The Movie

I went to see the Canadian film, Passchendaele,
tonight. It's a terrific movie, and touching, in many
ways. It brings home the terrible conditions under
which World War I was fought, and the sacrifices made
by soldiers, as well as the nurses and doctors who
attended to the wounded.

It was Canadian troops who were finally able to take
Passchendaele and the high ground. However, this
was done at the cost of almost 16,000 casualities
over a three month period.

From what I've read, the German forces feared
Canadian soldiers to such an extent, that they named
them, "Storm Troopers".

If you want to read about the battle, go to this link:
Canada In The Great War

As I said earlier, this film touched me deeply, and
increased my awareness of the dreadful folly, waste,
hopelessness, and evil, criminal nature, of war.

I'll return soon, with a regular nature post. I simply
had to write about Passchendaele, after seeing the

I rate the movie as a 9 out of 10. Excellent!

All the best,