15 February 2008

A Winter Night in Nova Scotia


Yes, it's a winter night in Nova Scotia -- not too
cold, and pleasant for walking in the moonlight.
In fact, it's been a mild winter here on the south
shore of the province, and I've enjoyed it very

Tonight, for instance, as I went walking along
the old mines road, I could hear the lake making
its usual sounds, prior to a mild spell. How nice
it speaks to anyone who listens. How nice to
see moonlight sparkling over the frozen snow

I arrived home in a happy mood! The warmth
in my kitchen felt good. Black tea and ginger
snap cookies were my reward.

It's a winter night in Nova Scotia, and before
long we will see the first signs of spring.

All the best!


Anonymous said...

The first signs of spring will be most welcomed. Although the winter is passing quickly I always look forward to feeling the spring sunshine on my face.

Hoodie said...

As I walk through the silence of a Northern Newfoundland night with a -39 C temperature, spring seems a remote concept at this point. Looking at the sky the cold air keeps one moving, but the clarity of the stars are startling. The crunch of snow underfoot is the only sound heard as I move along the ridge and look down on our cabin. I never thought the light from a kerosene lamp could be so appealing. As pretty as it is out here it will be good to feel the warmth of the woodstove. Spring has a ways to come yet.Take care Laurie.

Laurie said...


Well, "anonymous," I certainly share your point of view about looking forward to spring. It's a wonderful thing to feel spring in the air, and to experience the warm spring sunshine.

Hoodie! How are you doing old friend! I hope you and Helga are both doing well.

Yes, I can imagine that spring seems quite distant in Northern Newfoundland, considering the
-39 C temperature! But, it must be beautiful in that mountainous landscape -- I still haven't experienced your cabin, but it's on my list of things to do....

Keep well! I hope to see you both at some point in 2008.

All the best,

Hoodie said...

Hi Laurie, Have enjoyed looking through some of your web material. Tried to e-mail you but both tall ships and coyote addresses came back. Have alook at some of my pictures from our area: