26 January 2008

Walking At Night In An Old Growth Forest

Last week I went walking at about 10:30 at night.
I had intended to walk along the road for about a
mile, before returning home. The snow cover
reflected what light there was from a half moon
that was fairly high to the south southwest.

As I returned home from what had been a pleasant
outing, the thought occured to me that I should visit
the old growth forest that forms part of my family's
property. So, I left the road, and made my way
back through the woods towards the old growth

I must say, I felt a strange sensation walking back
in there at night. There were fresh deer tracks in
the snow, and I heard a deer snort, immediately
in front of and off to the right of where I walked.
I was startled! The snorting caught me by surprise
and made me stop to listen for more sounds.

The forest was still and there was enough light
from the moon to see the large tree trunks
silhouetted against the snow covered forest
floor and background. Yes, it was quite special
to experience this place at night.

I returned home near midnight with memories
that I won't soon forget. I curled up near the warm
woodstove with a hot cup of tea and a deep sense
of satisfaction in my heart.

All the best!