02 January 2008

A Nova Scotia Moment

You know, I was sitting by the Christmas
tree this evening, thinking about Nova
Scotia, and expressing gratitude for having
the opportunity to live in such a wonderful

For instance, here on the south shore of
the province, we're blessed with sandy
beaches, a variety of landscapes, lakes,
rivers, streams, and the ocean. If you drive
inland, away from the ocean, you escape
the larger communities, and enter forested
landscapes that range from predominantly
softwood, to hardwood, and mixed forests.

Also, since Nova Scotia is a small province,
in comparison to, say, Ontario and Quebec,
it's possible to drive quickly to very distinct
and unique cultural and geographical settings.
For instance, I can leave my place on the
south shore and drive to the north shore in
ninety minutes. That's great! There, the
culture and scenery is different, and I can
experience it and still return home later that
same day. :)

If you have any questions about Nova Scotia,
feel free to contact me. I don't bite, and I'm
more than happy to give you information, in
case you plan to visit the province.

All the best,