11 January 2008

Search Engine Myths

Hi Everyone,

I wasn't going to post this on my nature
blog, but figured that some of you have
websites, and that you could benefit from
a Free Report that I'm promoting.

This Report challenges many of the Myths
associated with Google's Search Engine
Ranking process. I feel that this is
important information for anyone who is
concerned with website indexing and ranking.

The Report was released by Jonathan Ledger,
and may be downloaded here:

Click Here

You will have to sign up to his list before
you can download the Report. But, what the
heck, you can always unsubscribe afterwards.
On the other hand, you may want to promote
the Report yourself! :)

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Hi, I find your blog very inspirational. My daughter and her husband are moving to the Annapolis Valley (we are in B.C.). They want to have a vineyard. She wants me to move with her. We are health minded and I look forward to living a natural/simple life. I have heard I can buy a small property fairly inexpensively. Do you like the Annapolis Valley?

Laurie said...


Thanks for the kind comments. I'm glad that you find my blog inspirational.

Yeah, the Annapolis Valley area is beautiful and is excellent farming country. Of course, I'm partial to the South Shore of the province.
(Also, generally speaking, we have less snow.) :)

I wouldn't doubt that land prices are inexpensive, compared to British Columbia. And, of course, you'll find the best prices, the further away you are from the ocean.

One of the best features of the Annapolis Valley region, are the small towns, where the main streets are still vibrant and alive. You'll enjoy that very much.

If I can assist you in any other way, just get in touch, again.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the information :)
I am really excited about relocating and wish I could do it tomorrow!

I am a certified care aide, as is my husband but we really want to live as self-sufficient as we can. We want to save enough money to buy a small property and have a garden and chickens maybe etc. and work for wages if/when we need to. We are doing a lot of reading and researching. I just hope that by the time I save my money the prices won't have escalated too much :(

We are thinking if we can buy a big enough property we can find family or friends who want to share the cost.

I don't think we care too much about being away from the oceon, I think we would need to be within biking distance of a town though.

Are there a lot of farms in the South Shore as well? I'm going to do more research :)

Thanks again and take care,

Laurie said...


Well, I hope you've had some luck with your research.

There are quite a few farms on the south shore. You would probably enjoy the area. We do tend to have a late spring, in terms of good planting weather, so that's a drawback. However, a greenhouse or hothouse setup would help in that regard.

best regards,