10 September 2006

The Way of the Crow


Well, it's a cool night here in Nova Scotia.
The temperature's at 8 Celsuis, and will likely
go down another degree or two before morning.

In 1996, Nimbus Publishing in Halifax, published
my book, Black Spirit: The Way of the Crow.
It has since gone out of print, although I have a
number of copies. The last time I looked, Amazon
was selling some copies. However, I had to search
under "Lacy" rather than "Lacey," to find it.

I've decided to re-publish the work as an eBook.
However, I haven't decided whether I'll edit and
make changes to the manuscript, or stick with
the original manuscript, word for word. It's an
interesting and fun question to ponder -- either
way, I plan to create a new website strictly for
the book.

Crows are wonderful birds, and I look forward to
bringing my book to the web. I'll make further
announcements about the book on this blog.

All the best!


Y. Dupere said...

I have great affection for the crows, I will enjoy reading your e-book very much. Thank you.

Laurie said...

Thanks for the comment about crows.

Yes, they are wonderful birds! I still have some crow books left from the original printing, and will be bringing some of them to my talk at the Bedford Public Library, on October 24th. So, you
can have a look at it then.

All the best!