03 July 2006

Natural Healing Talk Web Site, Online!

Hi Everyone,

After much thought, deliberation, and work, I've launched my
new web site, Natural Healing Talk. This is the companion
site to my newsletter of the same name. The site is incomplete,
in that I have lots to add to it, such as a subscription form to
my newsletter, and a "links" page. Please visit the site at the
following URL: www.naturalhealingtalk.com, and have fun
looking around.

For the moment, you can subscribe to the newsletter by
sending an email to subscribe@wildworldofplants.com, with
"subscribe" in the subject heading space.

Oh yes, if anyone has a particular topic they'd like to see
covered in the newsletter, or in an article on the web site,
please forward your topic suggestions to me. I'd be happy to
consider your suggestions in this regard.

Well, so long for now. I'll be back in a few days with another

All the best!