05 August 2008

A Return to Painting

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry for the long delay between posts.
However, lots has happened, and one thing
involves painting.

This past weekend, I participated in an
Art Workshop, which was based in Lunenburg,
Nova Scotia, a designated World Heritage

We painted on location in a couple of small
coastal villages, as well as on the waterfront,
in Lunenburg. Now, I must admit that I'm not
often inspired by fish houses, boats, or cove
scenes. However, the workshop was quite
wonderful, in that I got to interact with
other painters, and with my good friends,
Graham "Buz" Baker and Heather Beaton. I
first took a workshop from them, and the late
Al Riggs, way back in 1982!

So, the workshop was like a home-coming
event! :)

Oh yes, you can visit Graham's homepage,
by Clicking Here.

If you'd like to see some fun, interesting
photos from the workshop, Click Here.
I'm the guy with the Corona beer -- oh yes,
I also won a yellow Corona cap that evening! :)

The workshop showed me how rusty I was,
in terms of painting on location! But, I
felt some skills returning to me, on the
final day of the event. Now, I'm determined
to get out there and paint landscapes on
location. I love to paint, woodsy, landscape

Well, all the best for this time. I'll return
soon . . . promise!